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2019 Laura® Soybean Crop Update

Posted by Jonathan Chambers on

Just a short update on the 2019 Laura® Soybean crop.  Even with the excessive rain, cloudy and cold days the Laura® soybeans have begun to emerge from the soil.  The seeds are planted about 2 inches below the surface and about 9 seeds per foot in rows spaced 30 inches apart, it took 10 days for the beans to emerge from the ground, this is much longer than usual.  Luckily the germination rate of our Laura® soybean seed was excellent this year.  This year the seedbed was not the best, very rough with big chunks of dirt and amazingly the beans made it through the soil to emerge looking great.  In the image you can see the two cotyledons of the soybean plant and just above that there are two new leafs appearing.  In the image below I am using my Tosteds roasted Laura® soybeans cap to show the size of the new soybean plants.  We will keep you posted on the development and growth of the Laura® beans throughout the year.