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50 pound order, packaged into smaller bags just for me

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The order was for 50 pounds. I sweated bullets over how they would be packed, as it has been raining a lot here, I sweated bullets over getting 50 pounds into the house as UPS leaves my things at the gate and I needed to meet UPS so they could place the package/box in my little red wagon for me to transport. etc. etc. etc.

I missed getting the wagon out there as UPS was here way early and the box ended up on the ground. I still was able to heft it up into my wagon AND to my surprise Chambers must have known I was 63 as they packaged my order into smaller bags for me. :) In the future I will not be sweating bullets as I know everything will be fine.

When I requested extra poly bags, I expected empty bags and I would be doing the re-packaging. LOL Am I their only customer, I sure got treated like I was. Nice feeling!

OH by the way! The soybeans are superb too!

Karen C.