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How long can I store my soybeans?

Posted by Jonathan Chambers on

A question we often have is; how long can I store my soybeans.  The answer depends on where you live and which type of soybean you have purchased.  For the Laura® soybeans, they can easily be stored for more than one year after date of purchase.  The biggest threat to your Laura® soybeans is moisture and insects.  Moisture would most likely come from humid air in climates where it's often rainy and cool or hot and humid.  Some people ask if they need to refrigerate their Laura® beans, most often that is not necessary.  Store them as you would store any grain or flour in a cool dry and dark place, don't store them in a humid basement or out on the counter in full light or sun.  An airtight container would be recommended. If you are wondering about storing the natto style beans that you are using for sprouting they require a bit more care in storage.  When you move into summer and warmer temperatures you may want to consider refrigerating your natto/sprouting soybeans to help best maintain the germination rate which is important for sprouting.