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How to make soy burgers that taste great

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Veggie burgers have been having a moment recently. Just look at the always growing variety of veggier burger options you can find in the frozen aisles at grocery stores and on the menus of restaurants — even fast food establishments.

Consumers have begun demanding more and more quality meatless alternatives to traditional beef hamburgers. Soy burgers have also seen an increase in popularity as they are one of the most common forms of veggie burgers.

Here at Laura Soybeans, we’re fans of soy burgers made from soybeans bought directly from the source. Sure, you could call that biased, but plenty of evidence shows that the healthiest vegan soy burgers you can find are the ones you make yourself.

However, with this blog post, we’re focused on how to tell you how you can make a truly delicious soy burger from home. Give these tips a try and we promise you will find yourself hooked on soy burgers, which as you will see, offer many other benefits aside from great taste.

Veggie burgers are growing in popularity

You have probably seen or have heard of the advertisements. Many restaurants — sit-down and fast food — are now offering their own versions of veggie burgers. For the most, they have been met with approval from consumers.

They’re clearly in demand. In 2019, sales of plant-based meat alternatives, which includes many different types of meat, increased to $192.1 million compared to $118.7 million in 2017, according to an article from NBC.

But the bulk of the increased popularity comes from peoples’ new-found appreciation of Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, which made up about 80 percent of that increase in meat alternatives purhcased. Plus, it’s not just vegetarians and vegans who are enjoying these meatless burgers. Just about 90 percent of the people who eat non-meat burgers do not identify as vegetarian or vegan.

What you should know about store-bought or restaurant veggie burgers

However, there is a lot you need to know about these prepared options, whether you buy them in a store or order them at an eating establishment. We will start with the fact that they simply are not as healthy for you as other veggie and soy burger options out there. A lot of the frozen variety meatless burgers that you would purchase at the store are not all that much healthier in comparison to beef hamburger. The same is true for the meatless burgers on restaurant menus.

What then is the best way to make a healthy veggie burger — and know that it’s actually healthy? Well, it turns out you should probably learn how to make your own soy burgers.

Most store-bought veggie burgers have only now just begun tasting more like beef

Not all veggie burgers created equal, either. Some are made using a wide variety of technologically advanced processes that combine ingredients in methods that create the appearance of ground beef. Others are made with more simple processes that use whole grains and vegetables but still come out juicier than the varieties that can be found on store freezer shelves.

There are also recipes for making veggie burgers at home, but often these too need a little help to satisfy eaters who are looking for a taste that resembles beef as closely as possible.

Here’s how to accomplish that feat.

Good veggie or soy burgers need the right consistency

The best veggie and soy burgers don’t have that old veggie burger mouth feel that some consider too boring.

Add more texture by including ingredients that add more variety to the consistency, such as wehat berries or a hearty grain, ushc as farro or barley. Chickpeas also can be used. Some people are even fans of crunching up their favorite potato chips and sprinkling them over their burger patties.

Cook veggies before adding to a patty mixture

If you are going to use more than just soybeans or other main ingredients for your veggie burgers, then you should make sure all vegetables are cooked before they are added to the burger mixture.

By cooking the vegetables, you will help release a lot of the water stored inside them. This can help burgers stick together much better on the grill.

Some recommendations for vegetables to cook up (sauteeing is fine) include carrots, celery, bell peppers, onions or even garlic.

Add cheese to the patties

The best soy burger recipes know the value of flavor. Sometimes, these burgers need a little assistance.

Some tips include adding some cheese; there are so many delicious vegan cheeses out there now.  A cheese of your choice can be used while forming patties or crumbled onto them while grilling.

Experiment with condiments and toppings

No burger is complete without a variety of condiments and toppings. Don’t forget to have a few tasty accompaniments.

Now, there are the traditional toppings, such as lettuce, cheese, mushrooms, pickles, tomatoes, ketchup and mustard. But don’t be afraid to really experiement for maximum flavor.

You can fry up an egg to top off the burger, for example. Other options include upgrading to a pretzel bun, adding avocado or really experimenting with different sauces or even jellies.

Treat the patties right

No matter the type of veggie burger you are making, there are a few tips and tricks that beginners need to know.

First, is that once you have found a good combination of dry, wet, stick and flavorful ingredients, you need to mix them all up and then let the patties rest. This helps those different ingredients mix together better and actually stick together when they are thrown on the grill.

Start with well-sourced soybeans

Befofre you can put those other tips to good use and make great-tasting soy burgers yourself, you are going to need find a source of quality soybeans.

That’s where Laura® Soybeans comes in. Here at Laura® Soybeans, we grow, harvest, process and package every crop. Our family has been farming soybeans for five generations. Plus, our soybeans are healthy, non-GMO and vegan-endorsed.

Browse our soybeans today to get started making delicious soy burgers that soon will become family favorites.