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July 1st 2020 crop update on Laura® Soybeans

Posted by Jonathan on

I can't believe it is already July 1st!  The pandemic really changed how I watched the calendar, it seems like it was just yesterday we were still dealing with snow, cold and icy conditions along with the lockdown.  We were so fortunate to have our daughter back at the farm to help with packaging the Laura® beans during the big order rush.  In the midst of the rush we also had to prepare the ground, condition and prepare the seed, get the planter and tractors ready to go so that we could plant the 2020 crop of Laura® soybeans.  When you are working fast and furious to get a crop in, time has no meaning.  We planted the Laura® soybeans early May, about three weeks ahead of last year (last year was late due to heavy rains) and they have been doing great! We have been fortunate with perfect weather conditions, we have nice rains and then 3 to 5 days of sunshine and heat.  I believe if you stood out in the field and watched you could see our corn grow especially overnight, soybeans grow a little slower so you'd have to wait a long time to catch them putting on new leaves.  The old saying is "knee high by the 4th of July" for corn but this year it's gonna be head high by the 4th of July.  I will try and get some pictures on the 4th or 5th of July of the corn. It's always a tradition to have my father stand in the corn and take his picture on the 4th. :) For the Laura® beans we have already used the rotary hoe and row cultivated them twice and will probably have to walk through them at some point to take out weeds that come up later.  I am attaching pictures of the beans and there will be a link to a youtube video on our youtube channel of the rotary hoe and the row cultivator.  We will keep you posted as we progress through the season.  All the best from our farm to you!  Jonathan Chambers