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Sweet or salty: Home soy milk has many flavor options

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Soy milk is one of the most popular byproducts of soybeans for a reason. Many reasons, actually. It tastes great, it’s healthy and you can make it at home in your own kitchen.

But do you know how versatile soy milk is? It’s easy to add some flavor here and there, increase the sweetness or add a little more saltiness or savoriness.

Now, if you are a fan of Laura® Soybeans and even a somewhat frequent reader of our blog here, then you know by now how much we love to make soy milk with our beans. In fact, they have a reputation among our customers as being the best for making DIY soy milk that tastes great and is good for you, too.

In this blog post, though, let’s focus more on that versatility and flavor variety of homemade soy milk. Keep reading to learn why you should experiment with sweetness, saltiness and flavoring options when making your own soy milk.

Why you should drink soy milk

No matter the flavor of your choice, soy milk has undeniable health benefits.

Soy milk is great for promoting heart health, good blood pressure levels and lowering cholesterol.

It is also a better option for anyone looking to drop a few pounds or better maintain their weight because it has a bountiful amount of fiber, which means it will help you feel full longer. Along those same lines, soy milk’s protein levels are great for anyone looking to promote muscle growth.

Soy milk can be salty or sweet

Before we dive further into adding flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and more to your DIY soy milk, you should decide what your base taste preference is. This is where every individual may be a little different.

You see, some prefer their soy milk salty and savory, while others enjoy a sweet taste. Both options are wonderful and have their place, but it’s up to you to decide which is your favorite – or if you are feeling up to switching things around a little from time to time.

In fact, you can even have the best of both worlds. Take many parts of China, for instance, where they have enjoyed soy milk and its many benefits (plus delicious taste) far longer than we have here in the United States. There, you often have the option of salty or sweet soy milk, especially for breakfast.

Again, though, it’s up to you to determine which is your favorite. When you are making homemade soy milk, it’s going to come with a more salty or savory flavor. To sweeten, simply add sugar to taste. One general rule of thumb is to add 3 tbsp. of sugar for every 64 oz. of soy milk.

How to add other flavors to soy milk

Before we jump in and share more about adding your favorite flavor to soy milk, we had better cover how to make soy milk at home. Check out this recipe for a good walkthrough.

Adding your own flavor preferences to soy milk is pretty straightforward – and easy to experiment with. Luckily for you, we have put together a how-to guide for making chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or orange flavor to your soy milk. Basically, to get just the right flavor, you’ll only need a few extra ingredients.

Explore more flavoring methods

When you are flavoring soy milk, you can really let your imagination do a lot of the work. Sure, there’s the simple addition of cocoa powder for a chocolate soy milk, but there’s so much more, including the delicious strawberry and orange smoothie recipes we have in our flavored soy milk recipes.

There are even more flavors worth exploring and experimenting with, though. Take, for instance, an easy way to make your soy milk even fruitier without needing to stock up on actual fruit. According to WikiHow, you can add just about any kind of fruit jam to soy milk and simply puree until it’s mixed well.

Another idea from WikiHow that’s definitely worth sharing is blending spices. The website suggests cinnamon, pumpkin spice and lavender as ones worth trying out. You can also add honey to sweeten the mixture. Just like with fruit jam, simply puree the mixture.

Don’t be afraid to combine flavors, too. For example, you could add banana and peanut butter, lavender and honey or vanilla and cinnamon, vanilla and orange – the options are limitless.

Why homemade soy milk is better

You could be wondering why you might go through the work of making your own DIY soy milk in your kitchen when you could go out and find flavored varieties in stores. Hold on! The best soy milk is the soy milk you make in your home.

Homemade soy milk is simply the superior option. Not only will you save money when buying soybeans online and making the milk yourself, but you will also be drinking a better, more authentic soy milk. You can also make your milk healthier when adding your own flavors because you control what is going in your body. You won’t have to worry about overly sweet soy milk that contains far too much sugar.

Plus, real soy milk, like the kind enjoyed in Asian countries, is thick, can often have a tofu flavoring (if unflavored) and is usually very smooth as you sip on it. The soy milk you might find on the shelves of a local grocery store is not the same. It will not have the mouthfeel, texture or taste of good, DIY soy milk that you have made yourself.

Make delicious soy milk

At Laura® Soybeans, we pride ourselves on growing quality, non-GMO soybeans that are packaged and shipped straight from our fifth-generation family farm in Iowa to your family’s table.

And, as far as soy milk goes, our soybeans are widely regarded for making truly delicious soy milk that is simply far better than any you can find on store shelves. Place an order today and begin making soy milk in any variety of flavors.