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2017 Crop of Laura Soybeans NON GMO report

Posted by Jonathan Chambers on

I am pleased to share that our 2017 NON GMO Laura® Soybeans test results show that we have 100% NONGMO Laura® soybeans.  My routine for testing our soybeans is to take a sample of every wagon that I bring in from the field while it is being transferred to our storage bins.  I then take all the samples and combine them into one sample to be sent to the lab for testing.  In addition, I use qualitative test strips at our farm for additional testing.  My family works very hard to make sure that our soybeans are NONGMO.  We grow our own Laura® bean seeds every year to keep the beans identity preserved and our equipment is only used to harvest NON GMO crops.  

Nutrition information for Tosteds Roasted Laura® Soybeans

Nutrition information for Tosteds:Salted Tosteds serving size 30 grams (1 cup)140 Calories; 50 from fatSaturated Fat 1 gramTrans Fat 0 gramCholesterol 0 mgSodium 80 mgTotal Carbs 9 gramsDietary Fiber  5 gramsSugars 1 gramProtein 13 gramsIngredients:  Dry Roasted Laura® SoybeansUnsalted Tosteds serving size 30 grams (1 cup)140 Calories; 50 from fatSaturated Fat 1 gramTrans Fat 0 [...]

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Difference between the Laura® Soybeans and Natto/Sprouting soybeans

Many times I am asked; "what is the difference between our Laura® soybeans and Natto/Sprouting soybeans?"Laura® soybeans, is our family variety best suited for the production of Soymilk and Tofu.  This is due to the high protein, large size and delicious flavor of the Laura® soybean milk.  I have visited many tofu shops in Japan [...]

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How often are Laura Soybeans harvested?

Laura® Soybeans are grown on our family farm and harvested the month of October.  We generally plant our Laura® Soybeans starting mid May to June 1.  They usually start to push up through the soil 5 to 7 days later depending on the temperatures and sunshine.  As they head through the growing season taking up [...]

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Are your soybeans processed near or around peanut products?

We only process soybeans in our farm facility.  All our equipment has only been used for our Laura Soybeans.  

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What can I make with my Laura Soybeans?

Click here to view our favorite recipes using Laura Soybeans.

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How much milk can I make?

A general rule of thumb is that you can produce about 1.8 gallons of soymilk per 1 pound of soybeans.

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How are your Tosteds made?

Dry Roasted, no oil is added during the process.

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What is GMO?

Genetically Modified Organism.

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How much does it cost to make a gallon of Soymilk as compared to buying a gallon at the store?

It costs about $0.95 to make a gallon of soymilk (machine cost not included).Soymilk at the store can be between $5.00 and $6.00 per gallon.

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