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How many soybeans do I need to make milk for a month?

Let's say 1 gallon per week that would take 1/2 pound of soybeans.Or you could say; 9 ounces of soybeans per gallon. (252 grams per 1 gallon of milk) 

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How long should Tosteds last?

They should keep for one year after production date. Of course, they will keep longer if refrigerated.

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How long can I store my soybeans?

A question we often have is; how long can I store my soybeans.  The answer depends on where you live and which type of soybean you have purchased.  For the Laura® soybeans, they can easily be stored for more than one year after date of purchase.  The biggest threat to your Laura® soybeans is moisture [...]

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What is the best way to store your Tosteds of Soybeans?

Keep them in a relatively cool dry place. Refrigeration is not necessary. Keep them in a sealed container. Their main enemies are moisture and insects.

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