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This is why you need to try soy coffee

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Coffee’s popularity is no secret. Still, it has its drawbacks, which many consumers have started to see as very real downsides.

Those drawbacks include caffeine, which can lead to annoying side effects, such as restlessness and trouble sleeping. Some people have to avoid caffeine for dietary and health reasons, too.

So, instead of just reaching for decaf coffee during your next trip to the grocery store, why not give soy coffee a try? That’s right, you can make a drink that looks and has similar flavor to coffee with soybeans.

If you somehow weren’t impressed with the versatility of the soybean by now, then you surely will be after trying soy coffee for yourself.

What is soy coffee?

Soy coffee is becoming a more and more popular coffee substitute. Though it’s been around for more than a century in Western counties, it’s still not necessarily mainstream. Not yet, at least.

Like traditional coffee, soy coffee is made from beans. In this case, though, the drink is made from soybeans rather than coffee beans. So there really are many similarities in that sense.

The taste is often cited as being very similar to coffee, too, so it’s satisfying to people who want to enjoy the flavor but don’t want that hit of caffeine that may keep them up at night or give them that uncomfortable jittery feeling.

Besides being caffeine-free, soy coffee is also nutritious and delicious, making it a nice alternative. Plus, some fans of soy coffee are very quick to point out that it is a better alternative to caffeine-ridden coffee than decaf because its rich flavor is more similar to regular coffee. It also has a nutty aroma that is very pleasant.

Soy coffee has a long history

Soy coffee has been around for a long time. Roasted soy flour has been used to make soy coffee in China as early as the third century BC. It’s just not as popular in the U.S. and other western counties, not yet at least.

In western counties, soy coffee has fallen in and out of favor. Part of this is because of other alternatives that are already more recognized than soy.

How soy coffee is made

If you are familiar with the coffee-making process, then you essentially know how soy coffee is made, too. Like traditional coffee, it’s made from beans that have been dried, roasted, coarsely ground and then brewed. Now, some customers may prefer to leave the roasting process to the seller, which often will sell soybeans roasted and ready for coffee that are whole bean or ground.

However, you could try a number of methods for roasting your own soybeans, especially if you have already made soybeans a regular addition to your shopping list. Once you have bought them, the soybeans can be roasted in an oven, electric skillet or microwave. Be sure to wash and dry out the beans by letting them sit overnight for best results before roasting.

There’s a little bit of experimentation required to get just the right roast, but your end result should be soybeans that are colored medium or dark brown to nearly blackened.

This coffee has the health benefits of soy

Soy has long been known for providing health benefits that other ingredients and food sources can’t match.

For example, soy is known for promoting better heart health. Soy is also an excellent source of protein that our bodies need to heal, grow and build muscle thanks to it being a reliable source of each of the essential amino acids that bodies use to make protein.

In addition, soy contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are commonly referred to as omega-3s. It’s actually one of the very few sources outside of fish that does provide omega-3s, which are known to promote good cardiovascular health and can help lower and maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

Foods with soy in them also contain isoflavones, which are known to have benefits specifically for women, which help reduce hot flashes during menopause

Try Laura® Soy Coffee

Now that you’ve read about the benefits of drinking soy coffee, it’s time to give it a try.

At Laura® Soybeans, we have three different options of soy coffee, or Laurateafee, as we call it, that are sure to please any flavor preferences – mild, medium and dark roasts. Our soy coffee is made from soybeans farmed at our fifth-generation family farm in Iowa.

All three options are naturally caffeine free and packed with the healthy advantages of soy. Soy coffee is easy to brew, great as iced coffee or French press and goes well with any soy creamer.

Mild roast

Our mild roast Laurateafee is perfect as a light coffee or tea.

Medium roast

For fans of a more traditional coffee flavor, we recommend trying our medium roast variety.

Dark roast

Dark roast Laurateafee is bold and stout. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it sure is packed full of flavor.

Here’s what customers are saying about Laurateafee soy coffee

Our soy coffee, Laurateafee, is already a success with our customers.

Take a recent review from one happy customer:

“I'll admit that I ordered the soybean coffee out of curiosity. We like a bold coffee and so I ordered the dark roast for us. It has a very pleasant and bold taste and I was pleased that I decided to give it a try!” this customer wrote.

As more customers try soy coffee, we believe they, too, will be convinced of its ability to stand up as a strong coffee substitute.

How to enjoy your soy coffee from Laura® Soybeans

If you are already a coffee drinker, then you don’t need to change much about how you go about making soy coffee. You can use your regular drip coffee maker and standard paper coffee filter to make Laurateaffee. Use one tablespoon per cup of water and you will be on your way to a delicious cup of soy coffee.

Shop for your preferred roast today.