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Why the best vegan soy burgers are the ones you make at home

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Not all soy burgers are created equal. That’s true of most vegan or vegetarian foods, to be honest, but certain differences really stand out when you are searching for the healthiest, tastiest hamburger alternative.

Want to know the truth? To find the soy burger that tastes best and is best for you, you are better off looking for the ingredients at home and making the patties yourself. Lucky for you, making your own soy burger patties is a task that’s more than doable with Laura® Soybeans. We have plenty of tips, tricks and recipes on hand to share with you - but we will get to that later in this blog post.

But first, don’t just take our word for it on whether you may have a tough time finding a better vegan, healthy soy burger somewhere other than at home. Also, there are a few health benefits that should definitely be discussed as far as these meatless burgers are concerned.

Health benefits of eating soy burgers

Maybe you have heard that soy burgers, as well as other veggie burgers, are healthy. Well, that is an overgeneralization and is not completely true. In moderation, soy burgers can be a beneficial addition to any person’s diet.

Let’s start off with calories. A true plant- or grain-based burger has fewer calories than a beef hamburger with only 160 calories compared to 280 calories found in a 80:20 beef burger and 200 calories in a 90:10 beef burger.

Soy burgers contain good amounts of fiber and protein. These diseases, according to San Francisco Gate’s Healthy Eating blog, are two nutrients known to help fight off diseases.

Fiber is good for digestion, disease prevention

For example, dietary fiber improves digestive system functionality and assists in alleviating issues with constipation. It also can help fight against developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Most soy patties contain about 3.4 grams of dietary fiber. That equates to 17% of the minimum recommended daily fiber intake.

These patties pack protein

There’s also plenty of protein to be found in soy burgers. Most come with about 10 grams of protein per pattie.

Since protein from soy is plant-based, this is much more healthy for your heart. Protein can help your body maintain lean muscle and better promote tissue growth, as well.

Plant-based benefits

We’ve covered the benefits of plant-based proteins. But did you know the fact that soy burgers - and other veggie burgers - come from plants means they carry a number of other benefits?

Let’s start with iron content. Soy-based patties have plenty of iron, which is an essential mineral. Iron is beneficials because it helps improve oxygen access to tissue throughout the body. It also promotes better blood flow, immune system strength and energy storage. Each pattie normally has about 1.7 milligrams of iron, or about 9% of the daily recommended intake for women and 21% for men.

Then there are the B vitamins found in this hamburger alternative.These vitamins promote better metabolism and energy production. The types of B vitamins found in soy burgers include thiamin, which is good for nervous system function and controlling your appetite; B12, which boasts circulation and nervous system benefits; and finally niacin, which can help with healthy skin and digestion.

Why moderation is still important

Though there are very real benefits to your health by adding soy burgers to your diet - and as much as we at Laura® Soybeans love our soy burgers - you still probably should not eat them every day.

Everything in moderation, right?

Soy and many other types of veggie burgers do have a relatively high amount of sodium. Soy patties actually contain about 31% of the daily recommended intake - and that’s before any toppings are included to round out the burger. That amount of sodium could be problematic if soy burgers are eaten too frequently. But hamburger comes with its own obvious downsides, so keep this in perspective.

Here’s why some restaurant and store veggie burgers not great for you

You may have heard about some of the most popular fast food chains releasing or testing their own version of meatless burgers. Well, it turns out a lot of those hamburger alternatives you can find at a restaurant or in the store actually do not match up all too favorably when compared to beef hamburgers.

Many restaurant and in-store veggie burgers have more calories than beef burgers, nearly as much fat content and far more sodium.

How to know your soy burger is good for you

We are going to need to agree with our pals over at Food Network when they say the best way to know that your soy burger is actually healthy is to make your own. This ensures that you know exactly what ingredients have been put into your burgers.

Making your own soy burger patties is also an excellent way to save money. Make them in bulk and you can freeze any that might go unused for quicker cooking later.

Try these soy burger recipes

In search of the best soy burger recipe possible to impress friends and family this grilling season? Look no further! We have you covered.

Browse these soy burger recipes and you will find a couple of absolutely delicious soy veggie burger recipes - and even a vegan tofu veggie burger recipe if you are looking to experiment a little or are already a fan of tofu (like us).

Give these soy burgers a try. You will not be disappointed - and may even turn a few people on to all the wonderful health benefits these beef alternatives have to offer.

Buy high-quality soy beans for your burgers

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