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We grow, harvest, process and package all of our Laura soybeans right here on our farm in Corwith, IA.

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We have received the soybeans we purchased from you and just wanted to let you know they're the best and prettiest we've ever had! All our soybeans are going to come from you from now on! Thank you for such an outstanding product. You're doing something right that the others out there aren't!

Mark M.

Order was received today - my first with your company. I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Those were the best soy nuts I have ever tasted in my life!! Don't think I've ever eaten a better toasted soy nut before or ever will again...Bless you all...

Linda N.

The order was for 50 pounds. I sweated bullets over how they would be packed, as it has been raining a lot here, I sweated bullets over getting 50 pounds into the house as UPS leaves my things at the gate and I needed to meet UPS so they could place the package/box in my little red wagon for me to transport. etc. etc. etc.

I missed getting the wagon out there as UPS was here way early and the box ended up on the ground. I still was able to heft it up into my wagon AND to my surprise Chambers must have known I was 63 as they packaged my order into smaller bags for me. :) In the future I will not be sweating bullets as I know everything will be fine.

When I requested extra poly bags, I expected empty bags and I would be doing the re-packaging. LOL Am I their only customer, I sure got treated like I was. Nice feeling!

OH by the way! The soybeans are superb too!

Karen C.

I have been using your beans to make tofu almost every week for the past eight months. The flavor is very consistent. I have also made tofu for two Japanese friends here in town and they say it is wonderful. I used to eat store bought tofu about once a month. Now I eat it almost every day!

Greg G.

For a while I have been looking for the perfect healthy and delicious snack. What I look for is some good fats, relatively low carbs, high fiber, higher protein and great tasting foods. So far, I have been unable to find something that fits the bill. I then discovered soynuts and found they were pretty good but kind of bland and usually roasted in oil when you bought them. I recently discovered Tosteds. I received them today and they are unbelievable. The added sodium for the BBQ is very low compared to every other brand but the taste is phenomenal!!! I also got a package of the sweet maple and this is my new dessert EVERY night. They are incredible, it is honestly a dream come true. I have been sharing them with everyone this morning because I feel like I must spread the wealth and the health! I am going to order a 5 lb pound of the maple right this instant. Highly recommended!

Tony H.

Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent

Wonderful! I had a question about storing the soy coffee. I did not expect such a pleasant and immediate reply. Customer service is wonderful! I love the soy coffee and the toasted soynuts!

Karah M.

Hi Folks, just received my order for 10 lbs. of soy beans and I couldn't be happier doing business with you. It's really cool to have looked your web site up on the internet, give you a call and have the beans delivered right to my door. I wish everything was so easy and fun. The Tosteds are great too. Thank you so much.

Steve P.

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I received the Tosteds and just tried them. They are delicious. I'll be ordering them on a regular basis (but it will take me a bit to get through the five pounds). Thank you for a great product!

Kevin E.

First of all. I am a very satisfied customer. I bought a soymilk machine in September '04 and looked around for the best beans to use.

I discovered Laura Beans somewhere online and since I liked the name I looked into them. I read in your web pages how to order them and ordered thirty pounds.

The first thing that made me happy was that I goofed in my shipping address, somehow put the wrong state. I emailed you and although I didn't hear back, the beans got here (Maine) the next day. So you must have a software or shipping system that is fool proof, it even worked around this fool. (me)

The second thing that makes me happy is that the beans are wonderful. They are everything you described and they are the nicest looking beans! First of all. I am a very satisfied customer. I bought a soymilk machine in September '04 and looked around for the best beans to use.

Brand X are all different sizes, colors, what ever that little black bean is I don't know. They are broken and formed kinda funny.

The Laura beans are all the same size, as clean as can be and I think I have only found ONE single little not shaped right bean in the whole lot so far. The color of them is even uniform. I can't get over it. We may be just talking about beans, but this being your livelihood is very important. I am impressed.

Sending along the sample of Tosteds was a good idea. They are just as comparably better than the soynuts available out there. I haven't ordered any, I figure when I order more Laura Beans I'll get some. My friend who "doesn't eat soybeans" (ha ha) loves them! I like the sounds of the flavors. We just don't have anything like that available here. Thank you so much.

Barbara C.

Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I am quite excited with your beans. Three years ago we moved here to Nashville which has only one big health food store in the city and they must be selling the worst kind of soybeans. I used to make soymilk but then here I could not stomach the stuff made with beans from that health food store. I got very busy with other things and let it go. But I am happy to be making it again. Thank you very much.

Ginger A.

We received our order of soybeans promptly, Thank you. I loved the Tosteds that were sent along. Do you sell them in the cute little packages they came in? I thought about sending them on a few boy scout campouts with my boys. How are they packaged, and how much do they cost? Thank you again.

Gretchen H.