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Family Owned
Corwith Family Farm

We grow, harvest, process and package all of our Laura soybeans right here on our farm in Corwith, IA.

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Soy Milk Machines

SoyaJoy - The Original Soymilk Maker

The SoyaJoy G4 and the SoyaPower G4 are our newest soy milk makers.The G4s retain all the acclaimed features of the their respective predecessors, such as its versatile functions for making cooked milks, raw milks, and soups. The key improvements are the G4's all stainless steel cooking and grinding chamber, increased capacity, and filter-less bottom heating with Perfect Grind Technology™.

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Joyoung - World's #1 Soymilk Maker

The Joyoung CTS1068/1048 is a great addition to any kitchen with its winning combination of excellent soy milk output quality, hassle-free fully automatic operation, and easy cleanup due to an its extensive use of stainless steel for the pitcher tub, heater, and grider. Four different one-button automatic modes produce flavorful and healthy milk drinks from a variety of beans, grains, nuts, and fruits for very low cost. No complicated setup or assembly required - just add water and soy beans, press one button and have delicious fresh soy milk ready in less than 20 minutes!

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