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Laura® Soybean Coffee

Posted by Jonathan on

Just made a great cup of Laura® soybean soy coffee.  It's simple and smells delicious plus the taste is great!  Naturally non gmo, caffeine free and homemade.  As someone who can't have a lot of caffeine in my diet this is a great alternative to coffee.  Top it off with your favorite creamer or just use homemade Laura® soymilk and a bit of sweetener and you are good to go with a quick and easy cup.  


I started with one (1) cup of unsoaked Laura® Beans.  I rinsed the Laura® beans in a strainer.  

Next I took the Laura® beans and spread them out in a single layer on a perforated pizza pan.

I set the oven for 420F (if you have a convection oven, use the convection setting). 

Then bake the rinsed Laura® beans on the cookie sheet for 28 minutes until they are dark brown.  If you are using a non-convection oven, you may want to stir them about every 9 minutes.  

Let them cool.

To grind you can either use a coffee grinder on coarse setting or you can also use a food processor and pulse until the cooked Laura® beans are coarsely ground.  (you don't want any large chunks of beans left).

I then used 1 tablespoon of grounds in the filter for every cup of coffee I brewed, you can experiment for your personal tastes.  

Then Brew!! 

Rinsed Laura® beans

Rinsed beans spread on perforated pan.

Roasted beans

Ground beans in food processor

5 tablespoons for 5 cups of coffee.


Laura soy milk smoothie

My favorite post workout smoothie is made with Laura® soymilk.  It's quick and easy and loaded with all sorts of natural goodness.  I start with 8 ounces of Laura soy milk, 4 oz of coconut water, then I add kale, cilantro, parsley, blackberries, raspberries, chia seeds, wheat grass juice, a few slices of banana and [...]

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Difference between the Laura® Soybeans and Natto/Sprouting soybeans

Many times I am asked; "what is the difference between our Laura® soybeans and Natto/Sprouting soybeans?"Laura® soybeans, is our family variety best suited for the production of Soymilk and Tofu.  This is due to the high protein, large size and delicious flavor of the Laura® soybean milk.  I have visited many tofu shops in Japan [...]

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NON GMO Status of Laura® Soybeans

At the Chambers Family Farm we take our NON GMO status very seriously, our soybean crops have always been NON GMO. We grow our own seed every year, taking great care to maintain the purity of the Laura® soybean by keeping it identity preserved in the field and in storage on the farm.  We hand [...]

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Soybean sprouting made easy!

It's easy to make your own soybean sprouts at home, all you need is a quart mason jar, some cheesecloth, a rubber band, water and either Laura® Soybeans or our Natto/Sprouting Soybeans.   Start out with 120 grams (2/3 cup) of Laura® or Natto/Sprouting Soybeans, a one qt. glass mason jar, cheesecloth and a rubber band. [...]

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Tosteds are our family farm roasted soybean snack made with 100% Non Gmo Laura® Soybeans.  Tosteds are dry roasted for a delightfully light crunch.  Our flavors include unsalted, light salt, sweet maple (made with Vegan maple syrup) and a trail mix with dried blueberries, cranberries, bananas and dairy free dark chocolate chips.  Tosteds have half [...]

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The Healthy Truth About Soy

As the debate whether soy is good for a person’s health or not rages on, I am reminded of an important fact that no one seems to talk about.  What about Asia?Let’s take a moment to examine all the hype from the opponents of soy foods who continue to say that consuming soy will give you cancer or shrink [...]

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