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Storage of sprouting beans

Posted by Jonathan Chambers on

Important information for storing your sprouting soybeans.  When the temperatures start to warm up it is best to store your sprouting beans in the refrigerator to maintain the vitality and germination rate.  When it is warm, germination diminishes in soybeans over time. It has to do with the high oil content.  You will lessen the chance that your sprouting beans will diminish in quality as we move later into the summer months and on towards fall.  If you live in a warm climate you might consider storing you sprouting beans in the refrigerator all the time.  

Freezing your sprouting soybeans is not necessary, the soybeans here at the farm are kept in storage buildings outside and the temperature may dip below -20F sometimes but this causes no harm to the soybean seed.

You may store your soybeans in whatever container you choose; glass, resealable storage container or plastic bag.

If you do decide to freeze them, make sure you don't leave the bag open too long as you may end up with condensation and ice crystals on your beans then next time you open the container.  

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