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Here's how to make tofu taste great every time

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Tofu might be a bit of a conundrum to the uninitiated, as not everyone is always sure what they can do with it. However, for the experienced person who has made tofu plenty of times, this byproduct of soybeans can be prepared just about any way you prefer and added to so many different types of culinary dishes.

As they say: practice makes perfect.

So, if you are ready to start learning how to make the most delicious tofu you, your family and your friends have ever tasted, then read on. We have a few tips for how to make and prepare tofu that tastes great every time you make it.

What is tofu?

For those new to tofu, you may be wondering what exactly is it? Well, tofu is the end result of curdling soybeans, similar to the process of making cheese. It has been featured in many dishes, primarily in Asian cuisine, for thousands of years.

The byproduct takes on the nutty flavor of the soybeans from which it’s made. However, as we will dive into later in this blog post, there are plenty of ways to increase that flavor according to your own personal preferences.

Tofu is versatile

It’s also important to note that no tofu is exactly the same. The tofu you buy in a store can vary greatly, as can the tofu that you make yourself in your kitchen.

The biggest difference among types of tofu is how firm it is. There is silken tofu, which is soft and almost resembles softer types of cheese. On the other end of the firmness spectrum is extra firm tofu, which could resemble hard cheese or even cooked meat.

But the main point here is that tofu is such an incredibly versatile food that it can be used as a primary (or even secondary) ingredient in so many different types of dishes, including soups, salads, sandwiches, quiches, desserts and even for a meat replacement in just about any recipe.

Why tofu?

Now, those who are new to making tofu and preparing it for your meals may be wondering why we at Laura® Soybeans are such big fans.

First, it’s got all the health benefits of soybeans. A 100 gram serving contains an excellent 8.1 grams of protein. Tofu is also packed with each of the nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce on their own. There is also plenty of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin B1 and many other nutritious minerals found in tofu.

Second, you can make tofu in your own kitchen. All you have to do to get started is find a good soybean for making tofu.

Then, you have to read through our overview of how to make tofu. If you have never made it before, you will want to read that blog post first to make sure you have a good understanding of the basic steps for making and preparing this delicious food.

Use only the best soybeans to make tofu

Now, let’s get to the tips for how to make your DIY tofu taste incredible.

First up is a basic pointer: Use only the best soybeans to make tofu.

If you want tofu that tastes amazing, then you need to use soybeans that are organic, non-GMO and vegan-endorsed to ensure the highest quality.

Take our soybeans here at Laura® Soybeans, for example. Our customers know and trust the quality of our soybeans never disappoints.

Press your tofu

One of the most common recommendations for making tofu that is out of this world is to press it. This process helps “press” out the water that the tofu has absorbed while it’s been stored so that it can better absorb other flavors of your recipe later on in meal prep.

All tofu needs to be stored in water, by the way.

To press tofu, you will need to drain any water from the package or container the tofu has been stored in and then cut the tofu into strips.

Next, lay some paper towels on a sheet pan and spread the slices on it in one layer. Put another layer of paper towels on top of the tofu and then another sheet pan on top of those.

After that, place a heavy object on the top sheet and let it sit for 30 minutes to two hours. Once the time has passed, you can uncover and leave the tofu as is or cube it.

Add a little spice or sauce

By itself, tofu does not boast a large amount of flavor. Although this is a feature that makes it work very well in many different types of dishes, you may find yourself wanting to add more flavor to the tofu itself rather than rely on other flavors from other ingredients in the recipe you’re preparing.

For that, one option is to turn to spices. Some examples of spices that can go really well with tofu, according to Minimalist Baker include curry powder, shawarma spice blends and tandoori spice blends. As for sauce, the website recommends peanut sauce as their favorite for adding to tofu to give it a boost of extra flavor.

Marinade your tofu

Another great tip is to marinade your tofu. According to Earth of Maria, though, you need to make sure you actually marinade it for the needed amount of time. She recommends at least 30 minutes but ideally four-plus hours or overnight in a covered shallow dish

Now, the flavor of the marinade is up to you. But tofu can go great with many flavor profiles, including savory, sweet, rich, spicy – you name it.

Explore recipes for tofu

Ready to take on a tofu recipe or two with these tips for making great-tasting tofu? We have you covered there.

Here are eight great, creative tofu recipes. Give a few of these recipes a try and let us know which one is your favorite!

Place an order now so you can start making tofu soon

Don’t forget to order some soybeans so that you can begin making these delicious tofu recipes. Again, there are no soybeans better for making tofu than those you can get from our fifth-generation family farm at Laura® Soybeans.

We have a wide variety of package sizes so you are sure to find the right amount for your needs. Check out our online store today!

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