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How often are Laura Soybeans harvested?

Posted by Jonathan on

Laura® Soybeans are grown on our family farm and harvested the month of October.  We generally plant our Laura® Soybeans starting mid May to June 1.  They usually start to push up through the soil 5 to 7 days later depending on the temperatures and sunshine.  As they head through the growing season taking up nutrients in the soil and moisture from rains they begin to flower.  By the end of August many of the pods are already set and filling with soybeans.  About 2 weeks before harvest the leaves are turning yellow and the plant begins to dry out and we wait for the moisture of the seeds to fall below 13% for best conditions for long storage.  For storage, we use steel bins with perforated floors so that we can blow cold fall air through the soybeans.  Our target temperature for the beans is about 35F, at this temperature they will last a very long time.