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Laura® Soybeans are hand packed by the Chambers Family

Posted by Jonathan Chambers on

Hand packaging may sound old fashioned and a lot of work but we are very careful to make sure that the Laura® soybeans and Natto/Sprouting Soybeans we ship you are the best quality possible.  Packaging the Laura® beans by hand is a great way to get one final inspection of the beans that are going into your order.  If we see something we don't like we can remove it before we seal the bag, put it in the box and ship it off to you by UPS or USPS priority mail.  It is a lot of work but after preparing the ground, planting the beans, tending the crop over the summer dodging thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain then harvesting the beans in the fall we wouldn't want to ship something we weren't happy with.  We also hand pack the Laura® roasted soybeans that we roast here on the farm.  No machines or fancy equipment just an accurate scale, a scoop and resealable bags.