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Perfect healthy and delicious snack

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For a while I have been looking for the perfect healthy and delicious snack. What I look for is some good fats, relatively low carbs, high fiber, higher protein and great tasting foods. So far, I have been unable to find something that fits the bill. I then discovered soynuts and found they were pretty good but kind of bland and usually roasted in oil when you bought them. I recently discovered Tosteds. I received them today and they are unbelievable. The added sodium for the BBQ is very low compared to every other brand but the taste is phenomenal!!! I also got a package of the sweet maple and this is my new dessert EVERY night. They are incredible, it is honestly a dream come true. I have been sharing them with everyone this morning because I feel like I must spread the wealth and the health! I am going to order a 5 lb pound of the maple right this instant. Highly recommended!

Tony H.