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Tosteds Crackers

Posted by Paula Chambers on

Here is a new recipe for really great tasting homemade cracker using Tosteds brand roasted Laura® Soybeans.  They taste so good!  Great with your favorite condiment or just as they are for a healthy snack.  


1/4 cup Laura® Soybean soy milk

1/4 cup Tosteds 

1/4 cup protein powder

1/4 cup oat flour

1/4 cup cheddar cheese (vegan or dairy)

1/4 cup of ground flax

1/4 cup of shredded coconut

2 Tbsp of Chia Seeds

1 egg or egg substitute

1 Tbsp of dried rosemary

1 tsp of salt

1 tsp of pepper

Mix in a food processor until well blended. 

Put parchment paper on flat cookie sheet.  

Spray rolling pin with cooking spray and roll out flat then cut into squares.  

Poke a fork into each cracker.  

Bake at 350 F for 25 minutes.